When You Build It…

The building at 238 Portage Avenue in downtown Winnipeg, formerly known as Dreman Place, has undergone quite the change in recent years—both physically and mechanically.

Once exclusively an office building, the top five floors of the six-storey structure were converted into loft-style luxury condos in 2014. Today, the only remnants of the old building are the original concrete floors and walls. Everything else—including the plumbing and heating system—has been upgraded.

Larry Stefanec, president of Parsons Plumbing and Heating, and his team paired with MidCan Hydronics to install the domestic hot water, space heating and air makeup systems for the building.

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Georg Nissen, Road Warrior

Georg Nissen may not have seen everything, but he sure has seen a lot.

Born in Russia, he moved to a suburb of Cologne, Germany, when he was 12, before eventually finding his way to Canada. But through these life transitions, there remained one constant: a passion for plumbing.

“Right after high school, at the age of 18, I went straight into it,” Nissen recalls. “I got my journeyman’s licence at a trade school in Germany.” An outdoorsman at heart, he found the urban life in Germany somewhat stifling.

“Having grown up in big, bright prairies, I didn’t find the same comfort in Germany. It was too crowded with too many things going on. There were lots of things to do, but not much to do outdoors. I wanted to see what was out there.”

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LOCHINVAR – April 2015

Lochinvar’s New FTXL™ Fire Tube Boiler Contributes to a Successful Condo Conversion in a Cold Canadian Climate

In 2014, a six-story office building in downtown Winnipeg, Canada, was converted into a mixeduse condominium complex. The $2 million investment features luxury, loft-style executive condos on the top five floors and two retail/ commercial units on the main floor. With the exception of the original concrete floors and walls, the renovation extended to all parts of the building – including the plumbing and HVAC system.

MidCan-Hydronics, which is part of the Aqua-Tech Canadian sales team for Lochinvar, worked with Parsons Plumbing and Heating to line up the best possible equipment for the building. Larry Stefanec, president of Parsons Plumbing and Heating, ultimately selected all Lochinvar equipment for the building’s domestic hot water, space heating and air makeup.

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Apprenticeship Manitoba Highest Achievement Awards 2015

It should come as no surprise that Larry Stefanec is a firm believer in apprentice training. At the start of his career in British Columbia, he was an apprentice plumber. Now, as President of Parson’s Plumbing and Heating, Stefanec says the Winnipeg company “wouldn’t do it any other way.”

Parson’s Plumbing and Heating, established in 1925, has been a trusted part of the community for 90 years. “Our long-term customers have been largely due to the skill and professionalism of our employees, many of whom have been trained here,” said Stefanec, speaking proudly of his team.

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